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Oracle APEX AG-Grid Plug-In 0.2 (beta)

Second beta release of the AG-Grid plug-in for Oracle APEX. Find out what's new and how to get it.

The Plug-In

I am working on an APEX plug-in that allows you to use the AG-Grid component in your APEX applications. It offers a spreadsheet-like data editing experience and thus can be used as an alternative to the Interactive Grid.

Take a look at the demo app to experience the plug-in in action. The source code of the plug-in is available on GitHub.

New Features

The following features have been added since the first beta release:

Checkbox column type

Edit boolean values in a column with a checkbox.

Reactive HTML column type

Put an HTML template that also allows APEX template syntax. The column acts reactive meaning that after changes to other columns the template is re-evaluated and the HTML is rerendered.

Revert changes and duplicate row

You can now revert changes on a modified row. You can also duplicate a row to create a new one.

Define max column width

You can now define a maximum width for a column so you can limit ones which a foreseeable content length.

Installation and Usage

You can download the latest version of the plug-in from the GitHub releases page. For detailed installation and usage instructions watch the following video:

Bugs, feedback, and feature requests

If you find a bug or have a feature request please open an issue on GitHub.